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Welcome. This is a blog containing the thoughts, life, and experiences of lambsone. lambsone means “one belonging to the Lamb of God”, and Melanie Campbell is lambsone. I adopted this pseudo-name many years ago as a way of being identified in chat rooms, and on email lists. Many people already know who lambsone is, but there are still others who don’t. lambsone (Melanie) is an artist, singer, musician, eternal child of the Living God. I dabble in selling on ebay (ID: lambs-one), and own a few stores on the internet via the name Campbell Studio. Not much happens in the sales world for lambsone, but our Studio loves to help people make memories via the products we sell or by creating custom artwork for those needing it or wanting it. We have so many stories to share of folks who have been touched by a product we sold them or by art we created for them which in time we will share in the pages of this blog. But on to more of our personal introduction.

Throughout my life, there have been three constant themes of personal interest and passion: God, Art, Music. I have always been interested in God and learning more about Him. I’ve always drawn from a very early age: pre-kindergarten to be roughly exact. And I’ve always been fascinated with the sound of music and what comes out of various instruments. I’ve pursued all three of these passions in one form or another and could not live without them in some form in my life.

I will share my thoughts & experiences concerning these three passions and how they have affected me at each stage of my life, throughout this blog. I think this will be the first time I’ve ever shared my complete thoughts on these topics in my 55 years of life. And perhaps this blog will serve to document the history of how each of these areas has a critical influence on my life and why I believe they do.

So I am glad you are reading this, and hope that you can identify with or learn something new from the thoughts shared in these pages. I have no qualms about anyone posting, just keep your thoughts human, decent, intelligent, and from the heart. If you can’t find your heart, comments from your head will be acceptable. ***wink***.

In Christ
Melanie T. Campbell (lambsone)


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