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Our Bonanzle Booth is one of the places we sell online. We’ve chosen Bonanzle to display our finer items, which also means they are a higher priced category. Although, they are very reasonable prices for the type of items we carry there. We enjoy helping others make memories with the things they purchase, either for themselves or someone they love. Our goal is to supply quality products that will become heirlooms some day, and to share in the enthusiasm our Family of Buyers have when they receive their purchase.

We search the Internet frequently to find unique and interesting items to list in our store, and for pricing that’s low enough for the average person to handle, even if they must save for a while till they can purchase. Our products are well worth the wait, and the joy our customers experience when they see them in person, is unmeasureable.

I can share one instance from our Bonanzle Store of a fellow Bonanzler who purchased two of our large bird brooches. One of those is shown below of a peacock with it’s tail feathers fanned out. She also bought one of our Parrots listed in our store (Just search for “parrot” on the home page of the store and you will find them). Both items were exquisite, and they took my breath away when I saw them in person. I never thought jewelry could look so beautiful. Nor did I know that brooches could be made so large. These were the size that you needed an easil to display in a China Cabinet … smile. My customer was located in France, and was in the habit of collecting large bird brooches. She was nearly knocked over when she received them. In fact her exact words were:

“received the birds this morning: just one word : waoh!!!! They are so much gorgeous than on the photo! And thank you so much for everything: your nice gift, your honesty about the shipping costs, the ultra-fast shipping…” C. in France.

We love to hear comments like that from those who have chosen to join our Happy Family of Customers. We know those purchases will be enjoyed over a life-time and possibly passed down from one generation to another. In  fact she was  a repeat customer, purchasing a few more bird brooches that we had found on the internet and emailed information to her. These last items do not show in our store.

Below are just a peek at the types of products we have for sale. From Jewelry, to Paintings, to Toys and much more. Get the whole family involved in putting Campbell Studio to work in making memories for all those you hold dear.

In Christ <><
Melanie T. Campbell
Owner: Campbell Studio around the internet

Bonanzle: http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/lambs_one

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