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Who doesn’t have friends? Today I spent some time with 4 of them. We are in our older years now and one of them I’ve known for 45 years. We were college roommates and have kept in touch. Two others I’ve known for 39 years. The last one is a friend of the other 3 and who I’ve been acquainted with for 39 years but haven’t kept in touch with.

I am fortunate to have so many friends that I’ve reconnected with on Facebook and in real life and have a long history with. They are reliable, trustworthy, loving people. If I had to assign a monetary value to their friendship, I would have to say it was invaluable.

We worshipped together this morning and then we shared a meal and reminisced. Some didn’t know the complete history of the others, and it was fun to talk about each others’ lives. I found that this only added to what each was worth in the opinions of one another regarding those they’d just learned more about. I could tell by the oohs and ahs that went around the circle as one told about her parapalegic mother, and others told of the new church they are helping to plant, and as I answered questions about how my job hunt was going.

Friends, caring for friends. Do you have special friends who care about you, and who you care about? Do you have special ways of showing that you care? Please share your friendship stories. I’ll bet they are every bit as golden as mine.


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Birthday Today

I’ve had 63 of them now and it never gets old … LOL! I was thinking earlier about how many things have happened since I was born in 1952. I just found out today that Queen Elizabeth II took the throne on Feb 6, 1952. Good of her to be reigning when I was born … hahaha. And I can’t believe that we have downed 1/2 a year already in 2015. Good grief!

I can’t remember everything that has occurred since 1952, but here are some things I do remember:
1. Color TV was invented
2. Better drugs for chemical imbalances
3. A cure for polio
4. Private Telephone lines instead of party lines
5. A man walked on the moon
6. The Beatles became a phenomenon
7. Wars: Korea, Vietnam, Afganistan, Desert Storm and the followup War (can’t remember the name), and probably a bunch more I am not remembering.
8. Bic pen
9. The computer was invented and a ton of other electronic devices
10. Your car talks to you
11. A ton of snack food has been invented and tweaked 40 million different ways.
12. We saw the end of racial prejudice – sort of anyway
13. Our first African American President
14. The space station became a reality
15. Gay Marriage

Whew!!! I’m pooped. I’m sure there are many MORE things that I cannot remember right off the bat. 63 years is a long time after all.

So I spent the day alone, but not without people. My parents are dead and my siblings live in other states far away. I did respond to more than 50 posts on Facebook wishing me a happy birthday from friends, family, and selling buddies. I went to an Estate Sale & Savers to source a bit for Taste of Elegance our Ebay Store. I also talked with a few buyers via Ebay email, and ended up at an Art Show that happens yearly. I enjoyed the art show because it was nice to be around other artists and see what creative thing the are doing these days. I had a frozen snickers bar to celebrate and some pop. Tommorrow I attend church and lunch with my college roommate, two friends and a mutual friend of theirs to celebrate. Oh and one of my nieces sent me a package of Omaha Steaks … LOL!

So another birthday has come and not quite gone as I write this blog post.

Thanks for sharing in my celebration whoever you are. And how will you be celebrating your birthdays this year? Or how did you celebrate them?

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When decorating a room at home or office space there are often a battery of decisions that have to be made. Below are some of the key decisions that will come into play, This is not an exhaustive list, just something to get you started on your decorating journey:

1) What type or style do you want to be surrounded by?
a. Do you want a formal atmosphere, carefree, exotic, or something else?
b. Will your style have a name such as Mid-Century, Colonial, Shabby Chic, Safari, etc in order to match pieces and be cohesive?
c. Is it something that you’ll be able to live with for a while and not tire of easily?

2) What will be the main color theme?
a. Will you pick a single color, a color duo, a color trio, or something else?
b. Will you pick hot colors such as Yellow, Orange, Red or cool colors such as Blue, Green, Purple?
c. Will the hue of your color choice be soft pastels or bold and vibrant, or something else?

3. What kind of furniture and accessories will you choose?
a. Couches: Sleeper sofa, Chaise Lounge, Futon, etc.
Here is a handy link that explains varieties of couches: http://www.homestratosphere.com/types-of-sofas/
b.Tables: Loo, Pembroke, Sofa Table, End Table, Side Table, or other?
Link to table identification: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_(furniture)
c. Desks: Credenza, Computer, Ergonomic, Lap, etc. A handy guide for identification can be found at: http://www.ranker.com/list/types-of-desks/nychick?var=2&utm_expid=16418821-121.b9XLps9tQ46lDkmnFkWsBA.1&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F
d. Lighting: Ambient, Undercabinet, Portable Lamps, Chandeliers, etc
Here is a link with sample photos and different room choices: https://www.americanlightingassoc.com/Lighting-Your-Home.aspx
e. Cabinets: storage, curio or display, hutch, enclosed book shelves, free standing or built into the wall, wood, metal, plastic, large or small, etc
f. Accents: Curios, Collections, Vases, Figurines, Nostalgic Child Furniture, Plaques, Wall Art, Fine Art, Quilts and Throws, Plants and Containers, Decorative Storage Boxes and Baskets, and many more.

Well these ideas should get you started and hopefully not overwhelm you. Take each one at a time and think about what room you’d like to decorate, and then think of how you could change it to what you want. If it’s too monumental a task for you then start small and work your way up. A scarf thrown over an exhisting lamp, some throw pillows with images on them or made with a particular cloth that you like such as plaid, a new rug, a figurine, you get the idea.

Below are pictures of three vases in different styles. As a helpful exercise in getting in touch with your thoughts/feelings on decor, look at each one and ask yourself some questions to see how you react to each:
1. What color(s) do I see?
2. What shape is it? (describe as best you can if you don’t know the formal name).
3. What words come to my mind when I look at this vase?
4. Does it remind you of another time, another place, another era, family members, etc.
5. How does each one make me feel? In other words what are some words or sentences that describe your reaction when you look at each one: Pretty, Formal, Snooty, Chaotic, Makes me feel special, makes me feel rich, makes me feel uncomfortable, etc.

Lenox Tall Vase Vase Floral Pink Chinese Vase Crystal DArques Paris

*** These vases and more found at Taste of Elegance on Ebay:

Once you’ve gone through this exercise, tell what you found out. Was this exercise helpful or just an extra thing in your day? Did it help you in getting ideas for decorating? Did it build your thirst to know more? We would love to hear your comments so please do leave them. Perhaps share other ideas that you have discovered in your decorating journey.

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Welcome. This is a blog containing the thoughts, life, and experiences of lambsone. lambsone means “one belonging to the Lamb of God”, and Melanie Campbell is lambsone. I adopted this pseudo-name many years ago as a way of being identified in chat rooms, and on email lists. Many people already know who lambsone is, but there are still others who don’t. lambsone (Melanie) is an artist, singer, musician, eternal child of the Living God. I dabble in selling on ebay (ID: lambs-one), and own a few stores on the internet via the name Campbell Studio. Not much happens in the sales world for lambsone, but our Studio loves to help people make memories via the products we sell or by creating custom artwork for those needing it or wanting it. We have so many stories to share of folks who have been touched by a product we sold them or by art we created for them which in time we will share in the pages of this blog. But on to more of our personal introduction.

Throughout my life, there have been three constant themes of personal interest and passion: God, Art, Music. I have always been interested in God and learning more about Him. I’ve always drawn from a very early age: pre-kindergarten to be roughly exact. And I’ve always been fascinated with the sound of music and what comes out of various instruments. I’ve pursued all three of these passions in one form or another and could not live without them in some form in my life.

I will share my thoughts & experiences concerning these three passions and how they have affected me at each stage of my life, throughout this blog. I think this will be the first time I’ve ever shared my complete thoughts on these topics in my 55 years of life. And perhaps this blog will serve to document the history of how each of these areas has a critical influence on my life and why I believe they do.

So I am glad you are reading this, and hope that you can identify with or learn something new from the thoughts shared in these pages. I have no qualms about anyone posting, just keep your thoughts human, decent, intelligent, and from the heart. If you can’t find your heart, comments from your head will be acceptable. ***wink***.

In Christ
Melanie T. Campbell (lambsone)

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