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Yay, it’s another weekend! Opportunities to do what we want, when we want, go where we want, etc. I guess that all boils down to having the freedom to choose.Nautilus Shell Perhaps your city borders a body of water and you are headed for the beach.

I live on the North Shore and Cleveland Borders Lake Erie. The parks system has taken over and is already making changes that delight beach goers. Our parks system has a lot of events and attractions to educate and entertain the citizens of our city and their guests. Being close to nature or even interacting with it, can be a stress-free way to spend the weekend. And every group imaginable has a festival of some kind going this summer!

I’ve got some chores to do, such as cutting the grass and trimming the over growth in the yard. I guess it would be safe to say that my yard needs a good haircut and weeding. Grape Hyacinths & Vinca FlowersThis photo was in the spring with Grape Hyacinths and Myrtle. Part of the gardening under my River Birch Tree in the front yard. I found a young black cat sleeping in the Myrtle the other day just as my yellow tabby had done when I decided to claim her as my own many years ago. It is a cushy spot and sort of out of the way so the little one felt protected until I showed up and discovered it’s hiding place.

Sometimes I have to contend with spiders in the yard. A few years ago, Spider Web3 IMG_5715for the first time in my life, ordinary garden spiders moved in. They were everywhere stringing 3 foot webs across walkways and wherever else they could. I’d come home in the dark from a second shift and walk right into one. They changed their locations daily so I never knew where they’d be from day to day or even hour to hour. This is a picture of a web with foam on it to enhance the web. Yuck!!!

Snake on the Driveway 5-2011And of course I have also found other critters in the yard such as this common Garden Snake that some folks like to call Garter Snakes. This was a cute one but I have seen them at least 2 feet long in my yard. Not dangerous but creepy.

I’ve seen possums and their babies, frogs, dragonflies, praying matis, all kinds of spiders and bugs, squirrels, birds and a host of other things in my little 35′ x 105′ living space. I don’t have to go far on a weekend to get some entertainment.

How about you, what are your weekend plans? Vacationing or staying close to home? Lots of choices to pack into a 2 day weekend!


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Birthday Today

I’ve had 63 of them now and it never gets old … LOL! I was thinking earlier about how many things have happened since I was born in 1952. I just found out today that Queen Elizabeth II took the throne on Feb 6, 1952. Good of her to be reigning when I was born … hahaha. And I can’t believe that we have downed 1/2 a year already in 2015. Good grief!

I can’t remember everything that has occurred since 1952, but here are some things I do remember:
1. Color TV was invented
2. Better drugs for chemical imbalances
3. A cure for polio
4. Private Telephone lines instead of party lines
5. A man walked on the moon
6. The Beatles became a phenomenon
7. Wars: Korea, Vietnam, Afganistan, Desert Storm and the followup War (can’t remember the name), and probably a bunch more I am not remembering.
8. Bic pen
9. The computer was invented and a ton of other electronic devices
10. Your car talks to you
11. A ton of snack food has been invented and tweaked 40 million different ways.
12. We saw the end of racial prejudice – sort of anyway
13. Our first African American President
14. The space station became a reality
15. Gay Marriage

Whew!!! I’m pooped. I’m sure there are many MORE things that I cannot remember right off the bat. 63 years is a long time after all.

So I spent the day alone, but not without people. My parents are dead and my siblings live in other states far away. I did respond to more than 50 posts on Facebook wishing me a happy birthday from friends, family, and selling buddies. I went to an Estate Sale & Savers to source a bit for Taste of Elegance our Ebay Store. I also talked with a few buyers via Ebay email, and ended up at an Art Show that happens yearly. I enjoyed the art show because it was nice to be around other artists and see what creative thing the are doing these days. I had a frozen snickers bar to celebrate and some pop. Tommorrow I attend church and lunch with my college roommate, two friends and a mutual friend of theirs to celebrate. Oh and one of my nieces sent me a package of Omaha Steaks … LOL!

So another birthday has come and not quite gone as I write this blog post.

Thanks for sharing in my celebration whoever you are. And how will you be celebrating your birthdays this year? Or how did you celebrate them?

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