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I suppose that running eCommerce Stores isn’t that much different than running physical Decanter Set Venetian Glassbrick and morter stores, except that customers cannot touch what they are buying until they purchase it and get it in their hands.

During the month of July and now August, I’ve been participating in challenges from my Ebay Coach and her friends, offering ways to tweak what we are selling, how we are presenting it, organizing it, and talking about it. It has been tough to keep up with on some days. In fact I didn’t do some of the things due to lack of time. The purpose was to help and not hinder running your business. So when running the business took precedence, I had to put the other aside.

But for the most part the challenges were good. They helped me understand business Bowl Southwesternmanagement better, to discover what it takes to run a successful business, what mindset a person must have to become a business owner that excels, and the type of commitment it takes to own a business and not just have a hobby.

It takes a lot of work, dedication, time, energy, and vision. But when I look at the items that I have discovered to sell, it makes it all worth while to be offering things that I know someone, somewhere, will want to have for their very own. These photos show why I keep going in spite of the hard work involved. I love hearing customers catch their breath in awe of what they’ve decided to have in their home and office, that came from my store shelves. We love helping people make their best memories with us!Tray Oneida Strawberry

Do you also have favorite places to shop on the internet? Tell us what you’ve discovered that excites you in your home decor. Or just share a challenge that you faced that had you thinking differently, changing how you do things, caused improvements, or sent your life in a different direction.

Taste of Elegance on eBay.


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When you are an artist, frequently you work with color. You apply it in different ways on Robins Egg Nest in White Birch Branchesdifferent kinds of surfaces with different types of tools. Your job is to control the colors, understand how they relate to one another, communicate something to others with them, and decide/plan what the visual outcome will be. What you can’t control 100% is another person’s thoughts or reactions to what you have made. They do not know the different decisions you made to arrive where you did and why. They may not even care unless they have a relationship of some kind with you. But even then, they only have their reactions to go by in the final analysis. They may love it, or hate it, or be indifferent to it, even if they know you personally.

The reason for this is thAbstract Japanese Waterfallat we react to colors, shapes, and textures differently. We are individuals and as such we have separate brains, emotions, preferences, personal history, and understanding. Often colors are an emotional choice for us. Many people love the color Blue. It’s endearing, it’s soft and romantic. It’s the color of the sky, the ocean, flowers, and more. Things we tend to love and be gently attracted to. Even a harsh Blue can still be enduring because at it’s base is Blue. Red on the other hand can agitate us if it’s too harsh. It is an aggressive color, loud, dominant, and also loved. Red is a very important color to the Chinese, especially for celebrations. Red is seen as a power color as well. If you have to give a business presentation and it is important for you to demonstrate that you are in control, wear Red. (Please note: Make sure your presentation is well prepared and delivered because just wYellow Cat In The Gardenearing Red won’t save you … smile). Green is a calming color. People associate it with growth, and living things. It makes us feel secure. The only time it doesn’t feel secure to me is when I see it on hospital personnel or hospital walls. Then it makes me feel sick.

There are whole websites devoted to the Psychology of Colors and how they affect us. Colour Affects is a website in the UK with some very interesting information on eleven colors and their psychological affects on us. This is a very interesting read. Click on the name in this paragraph to go to their website and discover the properties of color on our mind, emotions, and reactions.

Mel MaskFor me personally and as an artist, I’ve been gravitating towards creating art with a variety of colors. I’ve used watercolors and markers primarily to create realistic and unusual pieces that my mind and emotions come up with. I’ve displayed some of them throughout this blog post. How do you react to the colors used? Do you sense peace or irritation? Are you soothed or confused by the colors? Do you love them or hate them? Please share any thoughts you may have about your own color preferences.

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Accessories add the final touch to a decor. They come in the form of Rugs, Figurines, Wall Art, Throws, Mirrors, Plants, Vases, Collections, Framed Pictures, Pillows, and much more. Just about anything you enjoy for a home or office can become an accessory.

Look through what you own. Are there any candidates that can become an accessory to accent your decor? Is there anything you intended to throw out, that with a little tweaking would make a fine accessory to your decor? Often times it just takes opening your eyes to what’s around you, and thinking of it differently, to see how it can be utilized in decorating your space.

I’ve seen people enjoy collections of a certain item and display their collections in curio cabinets. My own father had a display of model cars that went to several of us when he passed away. I collected horse figurines as a child and when I found the box of them the other day, I couldn’t believe the detailed list I had written up on the outside of the box with their breeds. Time to dust them off and display them.

Taste of Elegance on Ebay has upwards of 200 items just right for someone’s decor needs. If we don’t have exactly what you need, we may have something that will give you an idea of what to look for. Browse our shelves and see what ideas you can come up with for your own decor.

Here are some of the varied styles of Decor Accents found at Taste of Elegance

Leatherette PillowFigurine Girl and GooseMajolica Vase

Pottery Lidded JarBall GlassBoudoir Lamp

Bowl Abstract Studio ArtBurger Betsendorf MugFenton Pink Slag Candy Dish

This decor design series has been intended to make planning and organizing your decor a little easier. We hope you have enjoyed the ideas and the links to more great ideas and decor accents. Let us know if this series has been helpful by leaving your comments below.

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