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When you are an artist, frequently you work with color. You apply it in different ways on Robins Egg Nest in White Birch Branchesdifferent kinds of surfaces with different types of tools. Your job is to control the colors, understand how they relate to one another, communicate something to others with them, and decide/plan what the visual outcome will be. What you can’t control 100% is another person’s thoughts or reactions to what you have made. They do not know the different decisions you made to arrive where you did and why. They may not even care unless they have a relationship of some kind with you. But even then, they only have their reactions to go by in the final analysis. They may love it, or hate it, or be indifferent to it, even if they know you personally.

The reason for this is thAbstract Japanese Waterfallat we react to colors, shapes, and textures differently. We are individuals and as such we have separate brains, emotions, preferences, personal history, and understanding. Often colors are an emotional choice for us. Many people love the color Blue. It’s endearing, it’s soft and romantic. It’s the color of the sky, the ocean, flowers, and more. Things we tend to love and be gently attracted to. Even a harsh Blue can still be enduring because at it’s base is Blue. Red on the other hand can agitate us if it’s too harsh. It is an aggressive color, loud, dominant, and also loved. Red is a very important color to the Chinese, especially for celebrations. Red is seen as a power color as well. If you have to give a business presentation and it is important for you to demonstrate that you are in control, wear Red. (Please note: Make sure your presentation is well prepared and delivered because just wYellow Cat In The Gardenearing Red won’t save you … smile). Green is a calming color. People associate it with growth, and living things. It makes us feel secure. The only time it doesn’t feel secure to me is when I see it on hospital personnel or hospital walls. Then it makes me feel sick.

There are whole websites devoted to the Psychology of Colors and how they affect us. Colour Affects is a website in the UK with some very interesting information on eleven colors and their psychological affects on us. This is a very interesting read. Click on the name in this paragraph to go to their website and discover the properties of color on our mind, emotions, and reactions.

Mel MaskFor me personally and as an artist, I’ve been gravitating towards creating art with a variety of colors. I’ve used watercolors and markers primarily to create realistic and unusual pieces that my mind and emotions come up with. I’ve displayed some of them throughout this blog post. How do you react to the colors used? Do you sense peace or irritation? Are you soothed or confused by the colors? Do you love them or hate them? Please share any thoughts you may have about your own color preferences.


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Is this an American phenomenom or are people in other countries happy when the weekend rolls around, Hospice Bespecially if they have it off from work? For many years I used to survive the week with the expectation that the weekend was mine and I could do with it what I pleased. Well to a certain extent anyway. No punching a time clock or being under the thumb and watchful eye of company watchdogs. I used to work in a place where you would hear immediately if you did something wrong, but rarely complimented when you did something right. Good Grief. No wonder people live for the weekends!

So now in unemployment and in anticipation of retirement, my weekends roll into the weeks. There is no distinction and I have to be more mindful of when they come. They seem like the other 5 days of the week, except that Sunday is a church day for me. If it weren’t for that, I would hardly know the weekend was here. It is Saturday today and I must keep that in mind, for the sake of others. If I want to get together with friends, I have to be mindful that they still work and their schedules aren’t as free until a weekend. I have to be sure that if I have any business to take care of, that I do it during the business week if it involves a company that doesn’t work on the weekends. So even though I don’t live the work week like I used to, I still have to be aware of it.

I guess I still get to be glad it’s the weekend then. For others. I rejoice with you that you have two days off … smile. How will you spend it? Because you know it WILL go quickly and before you know it, you’ll be punching that time clock again on Monday morning … HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

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Beginning a New Day

What are the first thoughts you have when you wake up in the morning? Maybe your mind is in a fog Dogwood Flowersand you just go through the motions until a few hours later and after coffee. Use the restroom, wash your face, brush your teeth, put clothes on or not, comb your hair, etc. Mindless tasks that prepare us for a new day. Maybe when the clock alarm sounds you hit the snooze button a million times and it’s the afternoon before you truly get out of bed. You’ve been there and done that, and I have too.

But what’s on your mind after you finally wake up? You begin to plan your day and think about what types of tasks have to be accomplished, who you’ll talk to or meet up with, chores around the house, the vacation you’re going to go on, celebrations of friends and family that will happen perhaps today or the near future. Lots of things roll around in our minds each day that we wake up. Often there are lots of things we take for granted that we hardly think about until they are gone.

A friend of mine had an interruption in her day a few days ago. She never saw it coming but it changed her life. Her car was stolen from her sister’s driveway. She and her husband had loaned it to her sister because hers wasn’t working. Her sister┬ádidn’t have the money to pay for repairs for her own car, and is waiting on a check to come in. In the meantime, someone decided they would steal the car. This caused anxiety and worry for everyone involved. No doubt it will affect the monthly insurance premium of my friend causing them more financial stress. Arrangements had to be made to get alternative transportation for two families, police reports had to be made, and a host of other details worked out.

When interruptions in our day happen like this, we feel broad-sided, we feel put out, we ask why, we feel it’s unfair. We want to find that person who interrupted our lives and punch them in the nose to say the least. Humanly speaking these are some of our reactions. But with God all things are possible – Matthew 19:26. He knew this was going to happen. He was not broad-sided by someone stealing this car. He actually knows the perpetrator. He has plans for this event and it’s affect on the participants, the one who did the deed and the ones who suffer from it. It sounds glib, but the reality is that God is still in control of the situation. Detail by detail is being worked out and slowly the stress factor is lessening. The initial shock is wearing off and things are returning to normal. In a little while they will be back to where they were … those mindless things we do everyday without thinking about it. The sun is shining again and we won’t remember the clouds anymore.

What things have interrupted your day today? Things that have forced you to focus on them when you didn’t intend to. Perhaps they aren’t as dramatic as a stolen car, but they were unexpected. How did you react, and what were your thoughts/words? Did you see God in it eventually? He has a habit of getting our attention and breaking into our world to let us know He is there and is dependable for our needs. Yes He can prevent things from happening, but sometimes His choice is to let it happen and allow us to see our need of Him. We don’t know all of His reasons, but when we see His hand, we can rejoice that He is there with us, holding our hand, helping us put the pieces back together, and healing us in that unique way of His. Remember to remember Him today. Take a moment out of the busy-ness to chill with Him and thank Him for overseeing your life and it’s events.

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