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Birthday Today

I’ve had 63 of them now and it never gets old … LOL! I was thinking earlier about how many things have happened since I was born in 1952. I just found out today that Queen Elizabeth II took the throne on Feb 6, 1952. Good of her to be reigning when I was born … hahaha. And I can’t believe that we have downed 1/2 a year already in 2015. Good grief!

I can’t remember everything that has occurred since 1952, but here are some things I do remember:
1. Color TV was invented
2. Better drugs for chemical imbalances
3. A cure for polio
4. Private Telephone lines instead of party lines
5. A man walked on the moon
6. The Beatles became a phenomenon
7. Wars: Korea, Vietnam, Afganistan, Desert Storm and the followup War (can’t remember the name), and probably a bunch more I am not remembering.
8. Bic pen
9. The computer was invented and a ton of other electronic devices
10. Your car talks to you
11. A ton of snack food has been invented and tweaked 40 million different ways.
12. We saw the end of racial prejudice – sort of anyway
13. Our first African American President
14. The space station became a reality
15. Gay Marriage

Whew!!! I’m pooped. I’m sure there are many MORE things that I cannot remember right off the bat. 63 years is a long time after all.

So I spent the day alone, but not without people. My parents are dead and my siblings live in other states far away. I did respond to more than 50 posts on Facebook wishing me a happy birthday from friends, family, and selling buddies. I went to an Estate Sale & Savers to source a bit for Taste of Elegance our Ebay Store. I also talked with a few buyers via Ebay email, and ended up at an Art Show that happens yearly. I enjoyed the art show because it was nice to be around other artists and see what creative thing the are doing these days. I had a frozen snickers bar to celebrate and some pop. Tommorrow I attend church and lunch with my college roommate, two friends and a mutual friend of theirs to celebrate. Oh and one of my nieces sent me a package of Omaha Steaks … LOL!

So another birthday has come and not quite gone as I write this blog post.

Thanks for sharing in my celebration whoever you are. And how will you be celebrating your birthdays this year? Or how did you celebrate them?


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Accessories add the final touch to a decor. They come in the form of Rugs, Figurines, Wall Art, Throws, Mirrors, Plants, Vases, Collections, Framed Pictures, Pillows, and much more. Just about anything you enjoy for a home or office can become an accessory.

Look through what you own. Are there any candidates that can become an accessory to accent your decor? Is there anything you intended to throw out, that with a little tweaking would make a fine accessory to your decor? Often times it just takes opening your eyes to what’s around you, and thinking of it differently, to see how it can be utilized in decorating your space.

I’ve seen people enjoy collections of a certain item and display their collections in curio cabinets. My own father had a display of model cars that went to several of us when he passed away. I collected horse figurines as a child and when I found the box of them the other day, I couldn’t believe the detailed list I had written up on the outside of the box with their breeds. Time to dust them off and display them.

Taste of Elegance on Ebay has upwards of 200 items just right for someone’s decor needs. If we don’t have exactly what you need, we may have something that will give you an idea of what to look for. Browse our shelves and see what ideas you can come up with for your own decor.

Here are some of the varied styles of Decor Accents found at Taste of Elegance

Leatherette PillowFigurine Girl and GooseMajolica Vase

Pottery Lidded JarBall GlassBoudoir Lamp

Bowl Abstract Studio ArtBurger Betsendorf MugFenton Pink Slag Candy Dish

This decor design series has been intended to make planning and organizing your decor a little easier. We hope you have enjoyed the ideas and the links to more great ideas and decor accents. Let us know if this series has been helpful by leaving your comments below.

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We live in a world of textures. Take a small space in your home or office and see if you can identify how many textures are in that one space. Incredible! Textures are usually something that you can feel: Rough, Smooth, Slippery, Wet, Dry, Scratchy, Cold and Clammy … you get the picture. However they also have a visual aspect to them. When youTextures Paper towel look at them. you get a sensation of how they might feel if you were to touch them. They also contain patterns that you can see if you are not sight impaired. Mixing textures in an environment can add interest and appeal to your living or working space. They can provide just the right accent for the surrounding Colors and Patterns.

Consider something as simple as a paper towel for instance. It is scratchy and bumpy. It also has a pattern. Supposedly this kind of texture is more absorbant than one that is completely flat. The patterns also provide a livelier looking aspect to this commonly used item.

Consider some of the items in your home or office that contain texture. Rugs, Sofas and their fabric, Drapes and their fabric, Types of Floors, Wall paper, Paneling, Ceilings, Desks, Lamp Shades, and the Fur on pets, to name a few. Go outside and take a look at the textures that surround you. Tree trunks, Cement, Grass, Petals on flowers, Insects, the Siding on buildings, Clouds, and even the Wind as it brushes your skin.

Here are some texture photos. See if you can identify the name of the texture or at least how it might feel.

Texture Kitty Litter Texture Towel Texture Road Texture Plastic Packing Texture Pine Needles Texture Particle Board Texture Painted Wall Texture Leatherette Texture Fur Texture Car Dashboard

Becoming aware of the textures in your environment will help to utilize them in designing the character and quality of your space. If you want a soft environment choose a throw rug that looks like fur, if you want an industrial environment choose textures that are smooth, shiny, or have a raised pattern to them, for a natural environment choose textures that are rough or scratchy such as floors, and so on. Decisions regarding textures will impact your furniture, walls, floor coverings, drapes, accent tables, etc.

SC Johnson has some suggestions for adding texture in your environment. Check them out and see if any of them work for you. Share your experience with the textures you live and work with, and how you might use texture to liven up your everyday life. We look forward to reading your input.

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Patterns like Color, can generate emotional responses in your decor. They can remind Oster Toasteryou of a place you’ve been, a particular point in time, someone you love, or just a visual connection with the pattern itself.

There are the old standard patterns of polka dots, stripes, other geometric shapes, abstract, paisley, hearts and more. The chevron is a popular pattern that has even been used on products such as the Oster Red Bull Toaster. This is a multi color design that really stands out in a kitchen. It also lends itself to many wall colors. You wouldn’t want to cover up this beauty with a toaster cover. It stands on it’s own merit.

Another pattern that is very popular are animal prints that are part of a Safari Decor. Giraffe, Zebra, Cheetah, Snake, and Crocodile are some of the popular choices. Even animals notice patterns. A surprising and funny story from my own life proves this point. I used to have 3 yellow tabbies (only one is still alive now). I bought three cat beds for them, each with a different animal print: Cheetah, Zebra, and Giraffe. I thought I was being a good cat mother with providing a bed for each and a variety of choices. However, all three cats constantly fought over the Cheetah print bed. Something innate in them identified with their wild ancester and they gravitated towards that pattern in a possessive manner.

You may have personal pattern choices that you favor but are also open to patterns you haven’t discovered yet. Take a look at some of these patterns. Whether flamboyant and carefree or regimented and controlled, patterns add the right touch to a room if chosen wisely. Which of these can you see as an accent in your home? Perhaps one wall, or a framed backdrop to photos, or curtains, for instance.

Pattern Tie Die Pattern Polka Dot Pattern Stripes Pattern Zig Zag Pattern Woodgrain Pattern Glitter Pattern Floral Towel Pattern Floor Grating Pattern Fabric2 Pattern Fabric1 Pattern Chair Grating Pattern Abstract1

Even though patterns are a personal choice, there are some Rules of Thumb to consider when using patterns in your decor. Decoist.com has some fine examples of mixing patterns in several types of rooms. They even consider furniture style patterns in their combination of pattern stimuli. They share hints on choosing patterns that mix well with each other for a cohesive look and atmosphere. It is amazing what can be done to create sparks of interest around a room and give it a homey feel.

There is no doubt about it, patterns add life and interest to a room. They are the Sparklers of Decorum.

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When decorating a room at home or office space there are often a battery of decisions that have to be made. Below are some of the key decisions that will come into play, This is not an exhaustive list, just something to get you started on your decorating journey:

1) What type or style do you want to be surrounded by?
a. Do you want a formal atmosphere, carefree, exotic, or something else?
b. Will your style have a name such as Mid-Century, Colonial, Shabby Chic, Safari, etc in order to match pieces and be cohesive?
c. Is it something that you’ll be able to live with for a while and not tire of easily?

2) What will be the main color theme?
a. Will you pick a single color, a color duo, a color trio, or something else?
b. Will you pick hot colors such as Yellow, Orange, Red or cool colors such as Blue, Green, Purple?
c. Will the hue of your color choice be soft pastels or bold and vibrant, or something else?

3. What kind of furniture and accessories will you choose?
a. Couches: Sleeper sofa, Chaise Lounge, Futon, etc.
Here is a handy link that explains varieties of couches: http://www.homestratosphere.com/types-of-sofas/
b.Tables: Loo, Pembroke, Sofa Table, End Table, Side Table, or other?
Link to table identification: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_(furniture)
c. Desks: Credenza, Computer, Ergonomic, Lap, etc. A handy guide for identification can be found at: http://www.ranker.com/list/types-of-desks/nychick?var=2&utm_expid=16418821-121.b9XLps9tQ46lDkmnFkWsBA.1&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F
d. Lighting: Ambient, Undercabinet, Portable Lamps, Chandeliers, etc
Here is a link with sample photos and different room choices: https://www.americanlightingassoc.com/Lighting-Your-Home.aspx
e. Cabinets: storage, curio or display, hutch, enclosed book shelves, free standing or built into the wall, wood, metal, plastic, large or small, etc
f. Accents: Curios, Collections, Vases, Figurines, Nostalgic Child Furniture, Plaques, Wall Art, Fine Art, Quilts and Throws, Plants and Containers, Decorative Storage Boxes and Baskets, and many more.

Well these ideas should get you started and hopefully not overwhelm you. Take each one at a time and think about what room you’d like to decorate, and then think of how you could change it to what you want. If it’s too monumental a task for you then start small and work your way up. A scarf thrown over an exhisting lamp, some throw pillows with images on them or made with a particular cloth that you like such as plaid, a new rug, a figurine, you get the idea.

Below are pictures of three vases in different styles. As a helpful exercise in getting in touch with your thoughts/feelings on decor, look at each one and ask yourself some questions to see how you react to each:
1. What color(s) do I see?
2. What shape is it? (describe as best you can if you don’t know the formal name).
3. What words come to my mind when I look at this vase?
4. Does it remind you of another time, another place, another era, family members, etc.
5. How does each one make me feel? In other words what are some words or sentences that describe your reaction when you look at each one: Pretty, Formal, Snooty, Chaotic, Makes me feel special, makes me feel rich, makes me feel uncomfortable, etc.

Lenox Tall Vase Vase Floral Pink Chinese Vase Crystal DArques Paris

*** These vases and more found at Taste of Elegance on Ebay:

Once you’ve gone through this exercise, tell what you found out. Was this exercise helpful or just an extra thing in your day? Did it help you in getting ideas for decorating? Did it build your thirst to know more? We would love to hear your comments so please do leave them. Perhaps share other ideas that you have discovered in your decorating journey.

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